Saturday walk

Every Saturday at 7:30 am during July and August

Join us for a refreshing morning walk on Saturday! You deserve it!

Dear brothers, sisters, and friends of the church, have you ever wanted to have a healthy lifestyle and take better care of your physical health? If so, the Saturday morning group walking event is an excellent choice!

By participating in Saturday morning brisk walking, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Exercise to strengthen your body

Relax your body and mind to relieve stress

Foster friendships and make new friends

We will gather at different locations every Saturday at 7:30 am to start a pleasant walking journey. We will arrange different routes in the city center park, with beautiful scenery, breathing fresh air, and allowing your body and mind to relax and soothe.

Whether young or old, Saturday morning walking is a suitable exercise for everyone. We welcome all church brothers, sisters, and friends to join us.

Join us! Let's enjoy a healthy lifestyle together and have a healthy body together!

Weekly directions

August 26

Meeting Time: 9 am

Meeting Point: Beaver Creek Conservation

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Duration: 1 hour (Living Sky Trail)


Recommended colour to wear: Blue

Past directions

August 19 (cancelled)

Aug 19: This morning's walk is cancelled. After observing the weather last night, we discovered it might rain. Now we see that the wind is strong and it occasionally rains. The wind speed will reach at least 30 kilometres per hour during our walk. Please forward this message to others. Thank you!

Meeting Point: Saskatoon Canoe Club Parking


Duration: 1 hour and 18 minutes

Start at the Saskatoon Canoe Club Parking Lot. Walk north along the river, cross to the University Bridge and continue south, crossing again on the Victoria Ave Bridge.

Recommended colour to wear: Blue

August 12

Meeting Point: Chief Whitecap Park


Duration: 1 hour

Start at Chief Whitecap Park and walk south towards Furdale Beach, explore the many paths through the trees and return to the Parking Lot.

Recommended colour to wear: Black/White

August 5

Meeting Point: Parking lot on Kinnear Ave


Duration: 1 hr 20 min

Start at the Parking lot on Kinnear Ave, walk north to the Chief Mistawasis Bridge where you can take photos, then walk south, past the parking lot along the river until you reach Lenore Drive. Then Turn around and return to the Parking lot.

July 29

Meeting Point: Parking Lot of Hyde Park (Boychuk Dr & Slimmon Rd) 


Duration: 48 min

Start at the Parking Lot of Hyde Park (Boychuk Dr & Slimmon Rd) and walk around the park. After the walk, due to limited parking space near his house, we will carpool to Edward's backyard (116 Werschner Crescent) for breakfast! Also, it is best for each household to bring a lawn chair.

Recommended colour to wear: Grey

July 22

Meeting Point: Dog Park via Central Ave


Duration: 1 hour 30 min

Start at the dog park, accessed by car via Central Ave. Walk in dog park and north along the river towards Northeast Swale. Turn back once we've reached the trail towards the Northeast Swale parking.

Recommended colour to wear: Blue

July 15

Meeting Point: Forest Park Parking Lot


Duration: 1 hour 20 min

Start at the Forest Park parking lot, walk west and then turn north to walk along the forestry farm, reach Prebble Park and retrace your steps back to the parking lot.

Recommended colour to wear: Green

July 8

Meeting Point: Diefenbaker Park Parking Lot


Duration: 1 hour 41 min

Start at Diefenbaker Park and complete a circuit across Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge and Gordie Howe Bridge.

Recommended colour to wear: Yellow/Orange

July 1

Meeting Point: 950 Spadina Crescent E Saskatoon (Mendel Riverbank Parking)


Duration: 1 hour

Recommended colour to wear: White/Red

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