A House Call

Rev. Wilson Kaan

April 16, 2020

The phone rang last evening and it was my family doctor. Since my personal physician is also a personal friend, I am not sure that the nature of the call should be that of a personal matter or a professional courtesy.

Getting hold of your doctor is not an easy task in Canada, even our social medicine is readily available for all. Getting a personal call from your doctor may indicate things are going very wrong with your health and perhaps the most dreaded suggestion like: “Due to your current health status, we strongly recommend you to stop by the Royal University Hospital as soon as possible for a check up on your recent contact with COVID-19 virus.

Thank God, it was neither of those mentioned above. The good doctor simply wanted to check up on his favorite patient and my current health indicators; my weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and am I active these days while hibernating at home.

The conversation was reassuring that I was on the right path, reminded of a number of issues to watch out for, and we are all looking forward for this season to soon end and things getting back to normal again.

Well, that was a “House Call”, it was nice, reassuring and comforting. A couple of prescriptions need to be renewed and my glucose meter needs more testing strips. All were taken care of in a matter of seconds and mucho gracias for this unexpected house call.

How to be a pastor in this COVID-19 season. Well, it all depends on if you are a doer, thinker or information gatherer. No shortage of people on FB are showing off their latest dance moves, face mask design, recorded music, goofy posts and culinary conquest. While others turn to old hymns, Scriptures and old photos, year books for comfort and sustaining strength. Yes, there are still those epic deniers who continue not to accept the current reality. While the rest of us practicing social distancing, they cried foul in the mist of COVID-19.

I am reminded of a simple house call last evening, how thankful I am to be reassured that I am on the right path, how important for me to be reminded of keep being active and how wonderful it is that someone is thinking of ME.

I can certainly do just that, may God’s peace and His grace sustain you throughout this season of despair in isolation. Shalom.