A Little teapot

Rev. Wilson Kaan

Writing does not come easy to me. Many people are good at putting down their thoughts on paper and soon volumes of thinking, original thoughts and proverbial garbage are floating out their post (posts). I am a bit jealous of these people really. Most grew up with a language that is their mother’s tongue, went to school in the same language and excelled in the very same language.

My classmates are mostly pastors, missionaries and many of them educators. Their little club with the English language is well known. They guard the English language with their lives and intolerance of misspelling and incorrect usage of the English language is their thing.

Sheltering in place during the long siege has given me ample time to express some of my well-guarded thoughts. I can’t help myself from venturing out of my comfort zone and trying my hand at responding to some of my friends’ “postings” on FB and social media.

The English language is the most commonly-used language in the world. Most of us can communicate in English but the mastery of the language is a gift for a chosen few. It is not easy to come to terms with all the tenses, nouns or verbs, singulars and plurals, American usage or Commonwealth usage. Yes, even with all the grammatically correct sentences, there are those exceptions. BTW, there is such a thing as the Maple Leafs! Haha.

How about using the autocorrect? The wonderful invention “autocorrect” is a smart gadget that has a mind of its own. Within a nano second, the app could transform your sentence and words into a totally unintended scenario, no matter if it is in Chinese or in English. One of the young and energetic American Congresswomen was not known to have all her facts straight before making public statements, but to her credit, she will reply to her critics that “People Are More Concerned About Me Being “Factually Correct” Than “Morally Right”.” “I’m a little teapot, short and stout, tip me over and pour me out . . .” Living in an increasingly borderless world, what will shine in the darkness? Will it be my poetic, grammatically perfect English or words of comfort that could enable men and women who need grace to come to term with God’s grace?

Shalom and His peace be with you!