A Walk

Rev. Wilson Kaan

April 13, 2020

Went for a short walk with Shirley yesterday afternoon. It was not the best time for a walk. The weather was windy and very cold.

There was a short cut in our neighborhood that cuts through the residential neighborhood and would shorten our walk considerably, so we took the shortcut.

With a few snowy days last week and followed by a day or so of warm weather, the shortcut is now an impassible with 2 inches or so of jaggged hard ice. Even with proper foot ware, there was no easy way to walk through. One slip will guarantee you a trip in the ambulance and a short stay in the hospital.

Yes, we too would often found ourselves in such treacherous circumstances, not able to turn back but a considerable stretch still ahead of us. A fall will be unthinkable during this lock down situation, a trip to the hospital will surely bring me closer to COVID-19.

Help, I prayed, but no one will be able to step in to such a situation. Ice will not be parted and dry land will not appeared immediately. Does God care about my little problem? Could He see? Yes, He does and He could. As I inched my feet forward to the pavement ahead, reassured that He is in control and He is with me, He cared and He was able to see me through became my comforting reality.

Just want to share with you a little encouragement this morning. Perhaps you are asking God the same question? Are you there? Do you see? Did you hear? Do something please!

Yes, God is with us. Put your trust in Him in matters large or small, “because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone . . . . . .”

Blessings during the COVID-19 era. Your trust and dependence on Him is the answer to your prayers.