Rev. Wilson Kaan

April 17, 2020

Social media is alive and working over-time. Getting in touch with long lost friends and renewing of friendships seems to be the thing to do while waiting for the long season to end.

Finding my password and email account for Skype is more or less a no-win situation for this IT-challenged senior (me), not to mention the requirement of installing Zoom and making sense of terms like online giving, live-streaming service and Zoom meeting. BTW, how am I supposed to handle this thing called e-transfer and direct deposit without going to the bank and handing them my cheques?

Finally, I figured out how to turn off the video but totally forgotten to mute zoom while answering a call. There were a few chuckles and blank stares as I re-entered the chat room.

How stupid can I be? These simple technical issues a teenagers could navigate with no challenge whatsoever, but for me, navigating within our own church web site is a major endeavor and each time, as though I am in a mine field, one wrong move will certainly be the end of my excursion.

Am I too old to do this? Am I too Sxxxxx to do this? I can’t help but envy those people who have teenagers nearby who are able to reset their password and with a few strokes of the keyboard, make things all righteous again. Keeping myself in this line of thinking will ensure the early arrival of depression or put me in the grumbling mood “I don’t like anybody”.

Interesting enough, God will always provide help in time of trouble. Ask and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. Thank you all for stepping in to my world and not mocking me for my lack of practical skills in handling these delicate matters. Am I going to have more IT issues in the next little while? You bet. There will be more, but fear not, you are not alone, some-one near you will lend you a helping hand if you ask. Surprisingly, a teenager could make all thing righteous again.

Until we meet again, shalom and may God’s grace and peace empower you to love, to give and to help others.