Pride and humiliation

Rev. Wilson Kaan

Having pride is important in these time and more than ever, getting up in the morning and get ready for the day in time like these takes courage and mental discipline of facing the challenge of the day.

It would be rather comfy to stay just the way we were, I mean, getting out of bed, hair not comb, face not wash and milling around the house with the clothing of yesterday and after all, it will soon be nape time. Interesting enough, detergents are not one of the item that people hording during the mitigation season.

Specially you are living alone, who cares, I am not going anywhere, nobody is looking at me. Nobody does, but I care, it is important to me, its matter to me and I am all dress and put together just for ME. Besides, who know when that special Face Time will take place and who will drop by for distancing visit.

The good thing are sometimes overshadow by bad things. Pride is also a force of destruction, I am reminded that it was pride that Lucifer left the realm of the heavenly host, Adam and Even were separated from the Garden, it was pride of the towel of Babel that mankind were separated from one another.

“Ask and you shall receive”, as previously posted asking for help is not a bad thing, there will be thing that you and I have no knowledge what so ever. Asking for the recipe is no guarantee that those beautiful bread will soon rolled out your own oven, besides of recipe, there are accumulated experiences, hydration, method of folding, details and more details . . . Not all things could be learn from a 20 mins Youtube or in a how to booklet.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16;18

“Pride will always be the longest distance between two people.” It takes pride to embrace those things that are important to you, it will take humility to learn to seek help and receive help for those things we are not good at and wanted to do better.

God does not answers our prayer right away for the very same reason, He does not want His answered of prayer goes to our head and be nourish our own pride, but rather, He wants to humble us to seek Him, to honour Him and to walk with Him.

May your journey in this season be fruitful, and may you walk in His grace.